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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 12, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. brand-new developments in the cia sex scandal. we meet the family friend who blew the whistle on the affair that brought down director david petraeus. she got e-mail so threatening she went to the fbi. new details of the high-profile mistress at the center of the case. caught on tape. the deadly blast destroying an entire neighborhood. ripping through homes. people scrambling to escape. investigators racing to figure out what caused the explosion before it happens again. water world. unbelievable new pictures of the entire city of venice under water. tourists and residents battling rising seas, at least waist high. three quarters of one of the world's most famous landmarks impacted right now. the crews are in it! >> road rage, a massive fight breaks out at the races after a battle on the track. watch this, nascar legend jeff gordon deliberately rams right into a driver. the drivers running after each
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other, breaking into a fist fight. and good morning on this veterans day. robin is recovering. of course, her father, one of the many veterans who served this country so well for so long. welcome back to amy robach. >> thank you so much. we're still learning more about the bomb shell from friday, when cia director david petraeus forced to resign after the fbi discovered his affair with paula broadwell. lots of questions of what the fbi did with the information. and we have a major medical headline this morning. could there be a connection between having a fever or the flu during pregnancy and the chances of your child being born with autism? dr. besser is here to break down the new study for us. also in the show, a
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megapluzic breakup, justin bieber and selena gomez have reportedly split. we have the new details over the weekend on what could have led to the couple's parting ways. let's get to the latest shocking news that ended the career of cia's david petraeus. abc's senior foreign affairs correspondent, martha raddatz, has covered the four-star general for years. good morning, martha. >> good morning, george. this morning, we know that the woman at the heart of the investigation that led to petraeus a downfall who is a family friend who his lover apparently felt threatens by. the affair would never have come to light if not for this woman. her name is jill kelley, seen leaving her tampa bay home sunday evening. she and her husband are long-time supporters of the military. officials say kelley is not romantically linked to david
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petraeus. she and her husband are family friends of the petraeuses. early this year about the time that petraeus and paula broadwell were breaking off their affair. kelley began receiving anonymous e-mails she felt so threatening she went to authorities. the fbi traced them to broadwell's computer. they found salacious and explicit e-mails because broadwell and petraeus that made it clear, say officials that broadwell, and the nation's cia director were having an affair. the 40-year-old broadwell had extraordinary access to the 60-year-old general in afghanistan as his official biographer, a plum assignment for a novice writer. >> for him to allow the very first biography to be written about him, to be written by someone who had never written a book before, seemed very odd to me. >> reporter: despite the amount of time they spent together in afghanistan, friends say petraeus claims he and broadwell began their affair only after he was out of the army. if that turns out not to be
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true, he could face prosecution for adultery. despite the lengthy investigation, the white house says it was not made aware of it until last wednesday. >> it just doesn't add up that the fbi would be carrying on this type of investigation without, again, bringing it to the president or the highest levels of the white house. >> reporter: there are, in fact, numerous questions that remain. this also frustrates some on capitol hill because david petraeus was supposed to appear on the hill about the cia's response to the attack in benghazi, libya, last september, george. >> and, martha, there's also a lot of suspicion out there that this was covered up until after the election. in fact the investigation had been going on for several months. any evidence of that? >> well, we don't know exactly when senior justice and fbi officials knew about this, but surely, before the election, they can argue that investigations should be kept private until they are complete. and that this was not a matter of national security. but others say if you have the cia director involved in something like this, that could
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open him up to blackmail, george. >> okay, martha, thank you so much. amy? and to brand-new details on paula broadwell, the other woman in the explosive affair that has rocked washington and brought down america's top spy. she was also the cia director's official biographer. and abc's reena ninan has the story. >> reporter: 40-year-old paula broadwell, high school valedictorian, and harvard graduate, army reservist, and author, now ensnared in controversy, made the media rounds earlier this year, promoting "the new york times'" best-selling biography of general david petraeus. >> is he awesome or incredibly awesome? >> he can turn water into bottled water. >> what! >> reporter: broadwell like petraeus is an avid runner and
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said she bonded over her six trips to afghanistan to interview him. >> no pain! >> it was an opportunity for him to interview him on a run. and i thought i'd test him. but he was going to test me. to kind of get in the inner circle, you had to be a runner. >> reporter: the ironman triathlete explained the importance of these runs. >> at some point at mile three or four, he started to pick up the pace. i call it the boiling frog approach because you don't know that the water is getting hotter and hotter. >> reporter: the two met in 2006 when she was at harvard graduate school in 2006. when she later began working on a dissertation about the general, he agreed to help. that work turned into her book. in a january interview with don imus she even discussed petraeus' wife. >> he is married to holly petraeus, a wonderful mill care spouse. >> reporter: broadwell lived in charlotte, north carolina, with her husband, an interventional radiologist scott broadwell. and their two children where
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she's reportedly been working to finish her doctorate. she seemed to do it all, her linked in profile says -- kickboxing, wine tasting, foreign affairs and small arms marksmanship. a neighbor tells abc news she received an e-mail from broadwell friday night saying she and her family will be out on a planned vacation for the next several days. george. >> okay, thanks, reena. >> we're joined by a close friend of general petraeus, steve boynan. he's been in contact with the general over the weekend. >> i spoke to him several times over the weekend and before it broke, as you mentioned. first of all, he deeply regrets how much pain this has caused his family.
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he had a huge job that he felt he was doing great work. and that is all gone now. this all started about two months after he was in the cia, as the director. and just so you know, it also ended about four months ago. >> you say it started after he began as cia director. but it was pretty clear that ms. broadwell was with the general in afghanistan on several trips. while he was commanding american forces in afghanistan. no relationship then? >> there was no relationship then, as far as an affair. the affair started after he had been in the cia, after he retired from the army. she took several trips to afghanistan probably over the length of his tour there, it was approximately five or six trips, each of about several weeks in length. that she was doing research for her book. in fact, he wasn't keenly aware that she was actually doing a book until after she had been there a couple times.
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up until this point, she initially started a dissertation on leadership when he was with the 101st airborne, when he was a division commander. so this kind of evolved over time. and for most of the times she was actually in afghanistan, my understanding is she was out in the field with the troops. >> i know the news of this shocked you. you were so close and have been so close to general petraeus for so long. and the whole story seems so at odds with the discipline that general petraeus has displayed in his entire life. how do you explain it? >> this was poor judgment on his part. it was a colossal mistake. he knows that, he's acknowledged that. it happened. he brought it out that -- and took responsibility that it happened. and now he and his family are going to try to move forward and pass this. >> how is mrs. petraeus bearing
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up? >> well, as you can imagine, she's not exactly pleased right now. i -- you know, conversation with david petraeus this weekend, he said that furious would be an underestimate. and i think anyone that's been put in that situation would probably agree. this was -- he deeply hurt the family. >> colonel, thanks for coming on this morning. >> my pleasure, george. hope to see you again. >> see you soon. and it's time now nor the morning's other top stories. let's go to josh. we're going to begin with the deadly and mysterious explosion that shattered a quiet indianapolis neighborhood. this is all that is left after the blast annihilated five homes, leaving dozens of others beyond repair. abc's john schriffen is there right now with the latest on the investigation. good morning, john. >> reporter: josh, good morning. there is a large police presence as investigators try to figure out just how this happened. right now, nothing has been ruled out, but investigators are puzzled. because so far there has been no
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sign of gas leak in the neighborhood. this video shows a massive inferno sparked by the explosion that rocked this indianapolis neighborhood late saturday reportedly killing husband and wife dion and jenniferlo longworth, injuring seven others. >> garage doors blown in. windows blown in, houses leveled. nothing left. >> reporter: this morning, authorities are trying to figure out what touched off the blast which could be heard for miles. >> we can't speculate on what the cause of the blast was, whether natural gas or some other source. >> reporter: witnesses say it happened around 11:00 p.m., more than 100 firefighters responded to the scene at nearly 200 residents quickly ran into nearby streets. >> it splintered my door. it was like a war zone. >> doors what falling down, glass everywhere. >> reporter: officials say as many as 80 40e78 zhomes have be
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affected. estimates damage of $3.6 million. we saw the damage first hand. >> you can see there's bulldozers out here. people are working trying to get everything cleaned up. what used to be five homes that are nothing more than rubble. and you can see the cleanup here is going to take quite some time. >> reporter: and police still have not identified the victims. but this morning, "the indianapolis star" is reporting that the schools will open on a two-hour delay so that the staff can figure out a way to tell the students that one of their teachers has died. meanwhile, anger boiling over two weeks after hurricane sandy hit. 120,000 homes and businesses still don't have power. and frustrated customers are now protesting, demanding answers from the long island power company. the need for temporary housing is so great, officials may now move storm victims into fore ko closed homes. and there's word new york's governor will ask for some $30 billion in federal disaster aid. and new details this morning about how president obama is hoping to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff looming at year's
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end when massive spending cuts kick in and tax cuts expire. before he sits down with congressional leaders this friday the president has invited union leaders and corporate executives to the white house to get their takes on a possible compromise. republicans say higher tax rates are not an option. meantime, a new concern for the financial markets, japan's economy, the world's third largest, shrank some 3.5% last quarter. a sign that japan may now already be in recession. and finally, a major embarrassment for britain's iconic beefeaters. those guards that stand guard in london. the somehow, the thief managed to scale the walls here and steal the keys to the tower, including a key that unlocks the drawbridges. guards reportedly saw the burglar but couldn't leave their positions to chase him. they radioed a night watchman but got no response. we're told the queen's jewels, inside the tower, were never at risk. that is a look at the headlines
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this morning. for more, let's send it over to amy robach. >> thanks, josh. autism is estimated to affect 1 out of every 88 children born in the u.s. and now a new study says that having the fever or a flu for a week during pregnancy could at least double the chances of a child being born with autism. abc's dr. richard besser is here with us to break down the new research. dr. besser, this is a frightening headline for so many parents or would-be parents. break it down for us. >> so here's what they found. if a mother reported having flu during pregnancy, her risk of having a child with autism increased from 1% to 2%. if she reported having fever for seven days, the risk went from 1% to 3%. so while it's doubling or tripling, it's still very small. there are a number of questions about the study itself. it's called an exploratory study so it's designed to look for other things to study in more detail. they enrolled over 100,000 moms in this study in denmark.
7:15 am
they asked them over 100 questions. they never tested them for flu. so in future studies, they're going to look to see, does this really hold up. >> in the meantime, what should a woman do if she's pregnant, or planning to become pregnant? should she get the flu shot? >> we know pregnant women are at risk for the most severe flu. they shouldn't get the spray. the shot will protect them and their baby. >> and parents shouldn't blame themselves if they have a child with autism? >> absolutely not. even those women who had the flu the risk of having a child with autism is less than 2%. >> thanks so much. george over to you. now to the tempers exploding in one of the final nascar races of the season. jeff gordon, one of the sport's top stars, ran into a competitor, clint bowyer, on purpose. that set off a brawl between the pit crews and the drivers. abc's rob nelson has the story. >> the crews are in it. somewhere in the middle of that is jeff gordon. >> reporter: no one expected a
7:16 am
knock-down, drag-out street fight to break out at the end of nascar race in phoenix. >> mayhem in the last laps here at phoenix. >> reporter: watch here as racing legend jeff gordon is attacked by a member of clint bowyer's pit crew. as the crews are going at it, driver clint bowier gets out of his car, sees the fight live on the jumbo screen, and runs to get into the action. it seems high-speed road rage was to blame. just minutes before as they battle it out on the track, number 15 bowyer gets a little too close for comfort to number 24, jeff gordon. then on the second to the last lap of the race, gordon retaliates, turning bowyer, along with joey logano, into the wall. >> he's turning clint bowyer into the wall, collecting joey logano! >> i just barely touched him. i literally barely rubbed him, all of a sudden, i feel him trying to retaliate. and made himself look like a fool. >> he has run into me numerous
7:17 am
times. wrecked me. and i've had it. >> it's pretty embarrassing for a four-time champion. you know, what i consider one of the best that this sport's ever seen, to act like that is completely ridiculous. >> things have gotten escalated. over the year. and i just had it. >> reporter: and will there be payback for all of this at nascar's final race in homestead-miami speedway in south florida next sunday? >> just have to see. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rob nelson, abc news, new york. >> wow, jest gordon not backing down. here's his tweet. he said, i've reached my limit, tired of getting run into by clint bowyer. sorry to the other guys involved. >> ouch. >> that's racing. there's a saying -- if you're not rubbing, you're not racing. if you're not wrestling, you might not be racing either. you never want to see it taken out on the track like that
7:18 am
either. you don't want to see anybody put in harm's way. >> jeff gordon a friend of the show, when he's here, what a phenomenally nice guy. so you know in order to get under his skin, there's something going on. >> something must have happened. >> you've got some stunning pictures out of venice. >> this time of year, it's getting regular this flooding in venice. still when you see hip-high water in venice square, you realize something's going on. yes, venice is shrinking. and the scripps says about two millimeters a year. there were incredible rains through central italy as well. unusually high tide that pushed all the water in. this is the sixth highest flood level that we've seen in the venice area since 1872. they had to build ramps once again to allow people to walk over the bridges. the normally wet streets were now flooded streets all the way into shops and everything else. we'll watch the strong cold front move across the country, boy, is this a strong cold front. eastern numbers are warm and mild in the 50s and 60s, fog with all of that.
7:19 am
western numbers are much cooler. take a look at 22 degrees in kansas city. washington, d.c. coming in at about 52 degrees. big difference between that front. that's where all the action is today. you would expect a storm that strong to have powerful thunderstorms. this one has soggy rains wit as well. pittsburgh, lexington, nashville, new orleans, all involved with some of this rain. the following day that gets to the eastern seaboard and we're dropping in some big temperatures. we're that talking about all the cold air as it settles in for the next few days.
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and coming up next on "gma," the spouses caught in the middle of that scandal that brought down general petraeus. who are the wife and husband? and can the marriages survive? plus, a youth football coach that collided with a seventh grade player. deliberate or accident? that collided with a seventh grade player. deliberate or accident?
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. this morning a driver faces dui charges. look at the picture sent by the pinole fire department. a dodge ended up on its roof on i-80 after going off the appian way overpass it hit a guardrail and went off the overpass. the driver and passenger were able to get out safely.
7:25 am
let's hope things are safe on the roads now with lighter traffic. thankfully that got cleared by 2:00 this morning. light conditions, vet and holiday observance day no metering lights light coming into san francisco, reports of accident south 101 atherton in the sand marin area that off to the shoulder -- >> check on your forec
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welcome back. south towards mount tamalpais towards san francisco, a few high clouds and a lot of sunshine, 30s inland, 40s around the bay dress warm litch in the afternoon two to seven degrees warmer than esterday, -- low to mid 60s
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and lara takes the court. >> yeah. >> she looked ready. [ laughter ] >> but why was josh laughing? >> when you see andre agassi do this at you, you run! [ laughter ] [ bleep ]. >> and why is she gets so frustrated? >> i guess -- >> and embarrassed right now. >> you handled yourself very well there. josh, i hope you're proud of yourself. >> is this the greatest punk ever? we're going to play that over the next few days. >> now, i'm in enjoyment. >> you don't look to be very conflicted on that tape? >> no, no. i was -- on the inside, george. i was torn up on the inside. i was masking it with glee, you know. >> you did a good job of that. >> all through the break, i'm getting explanations. >> yeah. >> there's someone here that started it, right? i mean, someone started it. just so we're clear, someone did
7:31 am
actually start it. >> thank you, sam. this is bayback for something i did to josh over the summer. and this took to a whole new level. >> amy? >> let's move on. a coach was colliding with a player on the opposing team, but the question is, was this a deliberate rid or an accident? we'll take a look at that. we also have shocking pictures of matthew mcconaughey. look awe thin he is. he drops 30 pounds for his latest role. is he taking it too far. we've got brand-new details on the breakup of hollywood's hottest couple. we're going inside the breakup of justin bieber and selena gomez. and did a victor's secret model come between them? justin. >> wow. we're going to get more on the cia sex scandal that is
7:32 am
enveloping general david petraeus and the two spouse caught in the middle. both petraeus and his laevned mistress are married with children. and this morning, there are new questions about why this affair happened in the first place and how their spouses are handling a very private matter. abc's bianna golodryga joins us. >> on the two surfaces, these were rock solid marriages. paula broadwell lav visualed hole little petraeus with praise. >> and as for her husband, scott, he was promoting the book she wrote about her lover. >> reporter: just three weeks ago, friends say general petraeus and his wife holly were beaming as their 30-year-old walked down the aisle. >> i think our kids are resilient because they do have situations. >> reporter: the couple met in 1973 on a blind date at a football game at west point
7:33 am
while holly was visiting her father, the superintendent, a retired four-star general. >> military brat, that would be me. >> reporter: a proud military family, the petraeuses have moved their home 24 times. holly said she saw him more often on tv than in person. >> like most other military spouses, you think about what you need to do that day, and you keep on walking forward, and you get the job done. >> my wife holly is here with me today. she has hung tough while i've been deployed for 5 1/2 years. >> reporter: and while working for the financial protection agency, holly is tough. >> families should not have to struggle to get the protection due to them under law. >> reporter: broadwell called the four-star general her mentor, often traveling to afghanistan to interview him. >> one of the great aphrodisiacs for women is power. this is a very powerful figure.
7:34 am
>> reporter: broadwell met her husband scott while stationed in the military, training as ski patrollers. the self-proclaimed adventure junkies have two young sons. scott even accompanied his wife to a taping of "the daily show" earlier this year. >> how about this, your husband and i will do push-ups? this how arguments are settled? >> every time. i don't weigh much. >> reporter: and now, a message of hope written outside the home, this message in chalk, dad loves mom. and friends were told us that he and holly are doing well. as for the broadwells, paula and scott reportedly spent the weekend holed up in an inn in little washington. they were celebrating her 40th birthday which happen to fall on
7:35 am
friday. >> i'm not sure how much celebrating would go on. probably a very tough weekend. to switch gears. now to a ferocious tape caught on tape at a youth football game. a coach collided with a player. police said it was a deliberate hit, charged him with assault. but the tape shows a different story. >> reporter: it's an eight-split shove dividing a utah community. >> this is a routine football player, going off the field that turned into a nightmare. watch again as the coach may have pushed the football player during a game october 6th. here it is slowed down. you can see harris make contact with the 13-year-old as he's running down the sideline, knocking him down. the seventh grade player whose name has not been released appeared to get up quickly, but he reportedly suffered a season-ending concussion. his mother later spoke off camera to a local tv station.
7:36 am
>> he actually stepped in, folded his arms and just hit it. it was the most terrible thing to witness. >> reporter: when this grainy video began circulating, he was also arrested, booked on second degree felony child abuse. >> at no point was any harm meant to be done. it's affected my business, my reputation. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview, harris and his attorney now say the new video shot from a different angle backs up their claims. look at the difference in the two videos played side by side. >> i think the video speaks for yourself. you're going to defend yourself, you see a football helmet coming at you 20 miles an hour, you're not going to let it hit you in the chin. >> reporter: prosecutors decided to drop the charges citing a lack of evidence. and the father of the six said even the lesser charges are unfair, but this morning, he
7:37 am
also says he understands how the players apparents feel especially since his own sons were on the field. >> i took the hit, if might have been a different story if i jumped out of the way and my son had been hit in the head and been hurt. >> all right, since the incident. harris has sidelined as a coach and he said his business has suffered and he's expecting to lose clients. he's expected to make a court appearance. george? >> why didn't he help the kid up? >> good point. i think a lot of people would have felt better if he instantly reached out. >> thanks very much. pictures out of the twin cities metro area. over the weekend we showed that powerful coal front that moved through the middle of the country. two ef-2 tornadoes touched that area. we've never had a tornado reported this late in the season in that area, to have two of them, that was one powerful front.
7:38 am
with the temperatures behind it will go down. right along it will be rain or heavy rain at some point. we'll watch the temperatures fall. 68 in philadelphia. new york, 67 today, enjoy it, 48 by wednesday. washington, d.c., the same kind of drop. raleigh even gets a kick out of cold air with this front. this is how cold it is behind the front right now. 10 degrees in salt lake city. felt like 44 in >> okay. orlando, miami, probably won't get much. all that weather was brought to you by united health care, everybody.
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welcome back. it is 7:42. and you hear the music. that's right, we are talking about new details this morning on the reported high-profile
7:43 am
split between justin bieber and celi selena gomez. and did a superstar sweep him off his feet? well, nick watt says never say never. ♪ >> reporter: friday night in jersey. justin bieber wiping away sweat or tears? ♪ as long as you love me >> reporter: word is selena gomez dumped the man of pop over trust issues. when it's on the rocks, even "the washington post" covers this story. >> justin and selena did actually break up a week ago. this time, it was selena who initiated the split. >> reporter: she even tweeted bieber with the victoria's
7:44 am
secret model in the back ground. and she reportedly met bieber at a fashion show and then joined him on broadway. ♪ >> reporter: the deejay asked if the breakup opened the wound on his radio show. >> i don't know if you even know what's going on in my life. that doesn't make sense because i've not made any comment. >> reporter: that underwear model tweeted, hey, everyone, please calm down. he's all yours. the kid's only 18, so that's a chunk of time. ♪ i love you >> reporter: tmz is now reporting he thinks he will get back together. he did tweet his believers, regardless of what happens, i
7:45 am
see all the tweets and all the love you guys are sending me. thank you, love you, too. so what we make of his unplugged "cry me a river" cover in boston? ♪ cry me a river >> reporter: nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> sam, i know you're happy that -- hey, coming up, everybody, we have new images of actor matthew mcconaughey. has he gone too far for a new role? lost a lot of weight. >> did he have a lot of weight to lose is the question? also, people on facebook cheering them on. what are these kids about to get, freeze it, please. ♪ freeze frame freeze freeze
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here's "the play of the day"! >> here's a picture we want to show it to you. it was posted on facebook. that's 7-year-old and his sister evelyn. their mom and dad said if this picture got 1,000 likes on facebook, they'd consider buying them a cat. they got those, and talk about 99,000 more. >> wow. >> take a look. a family of five, they're now joining us via skype, marissa, emily, darin and marissa, you posted a picture, 1,000 likes later. did you ever think it would go viral like it did? >> marissa, you can hear me? you can hear justice. >> yeah, we can hear you. >> did you ever think this would go is viral like this? >> no, no, we never did. we figured our friends and maybe their friends would be nice and kind and share with each other, but never, ever did we think it
7:51 am
was going to happen. >> we have about 20 seconds left. but can we see the newest member of the family. i believe it's harriet potter? >> yeah, sitting here right now. >> we battle the clock. so thank you so much for making it a rescue cat by the way. there are so many cats, here she comes, three, two! yea! that's double miles you can actually use... sadly, their brother's white christmas just got "blacked out." [ brother ] but it's the family party! really jingles your bells, doesn't it? my gift to you! the capital one venture card! for any flight, any time! that's double miles you can actually use! how illuminating. what's in your wallet? let me guess, am i on the naughty list again? ho ho ho!
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7:56 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. san francisco elections officials still need to hand count 3,000 remaining ballots to the winner of the supervisor's race in district 7. ye was leading by 20 votes yesterday. the outcome could be announced tomorrow. mike has a chilly forecast. still cold. let's start with temperatures, 30s and 40s now, a little frost out there, starting to go away quickly. low to mid 60s warmer this afternoon, mid to upper 50s at the coast, 70 from the woes coast wednesday and thursday, rain and cooler friday. holiday light at the bay bridge toll, no metering lights, very light traffic south 101 atherton novato that
7:57 am
accident just cleared trouble spot southbound 880 in oakland past 16th, injury accident t
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning welcome to a brand new day ♪ ♪ and it is a good morning here in times square. beautiful day in manhattan, as we all honor our veterans on veterans day. good morning to everyone. amy robach here today. >> i'm ready to explain this. lara's going to explain this for us. >> actually, you're going to demonstrate. i'll explain it. people will all give it a try. >> in the next half hour, try to guess what this is. also coming up, we have shocking pictures of matthew mcconaughey, the actor looking so gaunt for his next role. many asking is he going very far? >> he's very lean. different from "magic mike."
8:01 am
also coming up, we're going to meet a woman who went shopping for hours. even plunging into dumpsters, a problem i don't see a problem with, but she did have to face up to a serious addiction and got help. >> maybe someone else should do that story, because lara doesn't see a problem with it. >> you know, i like to recycle. you can take it too far. >> you can. we'll find out how far is too far. actress marissa jaret winokur is here. she was on "dancing with the stars." but more than that dropped 50 pounds. if you tried to lose five or ten pounds, look how gorgeous! i thought you were beautiful then, i think you're beautiful now. she's here to talk about what she went through to do that. >> look at that smile. >> robin recovering. she tweeted out something this morning. proud of my dad, tuskegee airman
8:02 am
was honored to serve in three wars. retired as full colonel. bless all veterans and their families. he served in world war ii and vietnam. look at that picture there. robin was 5 years old. now to josh. >> humbled and thankful for the service of all. we're going to begin with the scandal concerning david petraeus and his are res anythi resignation. it began with jill kelley, a friend there. she alerted the fbi after she received threatening e-mails from paula broad wael. they concluded that she and petraeus were having an affair. top lawmakers now want to know if broadwell had access to any top secret information. members of congress are demanding to know why it took so long for the president to be
8:03 am
told about this investigation. petraeus was due to testify before congress this week about the attack at the u.s. consulate in libya. the deputy director will now testify instead. this morning, investigators are trying to figure out what set off a massive explosion that leveled the indianapolis neighborhood you see here. they have found no evidence of a gas leak or a meth lab on the premises. two people were killed in the massive explosion. five homes destroyed. more than two dozen others so badly damaged, they, too, will have to be torn down. and 9 ticket prices go up and the number of flights go down there may be a new crisis looming in the airline industry. "the wall street journal" says we're on the verge of the worst pilot shortage in 50 years because so many pilots are about to retire. others are taking better-paying jobs with foreign airlines. and new training requirements will make it harder to replace them. in medical news, pregnant women are being warned be cautious around cell phones. yale researchers say cell phone
8:04 am
radiation may affect fetal brain development leading to hyperactivity and decreased memory. they advise pregnant women to hold phones away from their bodies whenever possible. and a wild theme that shows how important it is to be alert behind the wheel. a fellow in south korea with a cell phone, driving down the street. he's about to go off the hill. all of a sudden, the truck in front of him is coming back at him. the parking brake left go. the truck starts rolling downhill. the alert driver, though in reverse racing downhill just before the truck, you will see, goes flying by. thankfully there was no car behind the car in question. thankfully, the fella knew where reverse was. >> that crane coming right at his windshield. >> "pop news." >> yes, indeed. good morning to you. you know how uncomfortable it could be to sleep on a plane or
8:05 am
if you wake up as early as we do you might sometimes need to sleep at your desk. we've got the contraption to you. it's called the upright sleeper. it promises to make your dreams come through. even though it looks like a thighmaster, it's supposed to fit around your chin and if you're embarrassed about the contraption, you can buy a cover to hide the brace. it won the skymall innovation award. it's available in that skymall catalog for $40. george, where's yours? sam, can you demonstrate? >> no, i don't know what happens with this. i think this is supposed to go around -- >> sam! >> no, i'm serious. >> i think it goes like this. and then you sleep like this. >> oh, that looks incredible. way fun. >> it won the innovation award.
8:06 am
is this not right? >> no, it's not right. >> okay. well, it's $40 and apparently ensures restful sleep. i want to say thank you to simone for that one. everybody check that out. hey, in other "pop news" today, how many of us have dressed up as dorothy from "the wizard of oz" for halloween? >> somebody's wearing it right now -- first of all, no, i have not. to answer the question that's out there, no, i actually have not. >> my daughter has, though. >> yeah, so many of us have. it's an iconic costume. a real one, a real one has just commanded a huge price at auction. the blue and white gingham dress told and a pair of dorothy slippers were acquired by the academy of motion pictures by a
8:07 am
group of benefactors like leonardo dicaprio and steve spielberg. the question is will dorothy be reunited with her shoes? only she know for sure. also, justin timberlake and jesti je jessica behl back from their honeymoon. helped out with the hurricane. seeing jessica and justin warmed their hearts. a shot outfor justin and jessica and giving those in rockaways something to talk about. finally, twihards have set up camp outside the los angeles staples center keeping vigil. it doesn't open until this friday. by the time it does, these folks
8:08 am
will have been sleeping outside for an entire week. the movie center has set up a roster of activities. the activities include group exercise class. one fan who flew in from england said, my brother said i need to see a shrink. this is the last one. >> that's a good smelling theater. >> they're outside. >> are they going to show the movie in staples center? i apologize for the follow-up -- are they going to show it? >> one thing. one would assume, you know what they say about assuming, that's where they're all lined up. i'll get back to you on that, josh. >> thank you. >> we are going to move to our very first ever pop quiz. and we begin with this question which i'm sure george will get right. "skyfall" made debut this
8:09 am
weekend for the biggest bond film ever. so how much did it take in? that's straight ahead. we'll find out. don't answer yet! we'll tell you ahead. >> we got to get to sam for the weather. >> good morning, i missed some of that. but this young lady has 13 reasons -- 13 of them to want to come to new york city. but look at the very, very, very last reason -- to be on the show, you're on the show. good morning! good morning, happy birthday. let's get to the boards and so many signs. we've got time this morning. we're going to go down -- you drew a sign, we're going to make sure you get it on the air, how's that? here's what's happening, one or two things that we want to start with this morning. we'll start with a little bit of snow that was more than a little. utah, 30 inches of snow over the weekend. in the in the some reports of up to 50 inches of snow. this was a big cold hit of air. the thing is you start out in the west with cold temperatures but in the next couple of days
8:10 am
you get back to cold air. oklahoma city, 61 degrees. on the east coast, what a beautiful day. there may be fog in some places. look at that, 69, >> just a little message for penny in indianapolis, paula and glenn are here, and they did actually bring your sign.
8:11 am
but, penny, those are some good friends that you sent to new york. and they're doing your work for you. let's go back inside, josh, lara? >> thank you, sam. and here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu" what's really behind matthew mcconaughey looking so thin. and plus can you really be addicted to shopping? we have one woman's shocking story and how she got help. and marissa's big makeover. the actress, losing 60 pounds. we'll tell you how she did. coming up live on "good morning america"! [ female announcer ] it's deliciously dark just before dawn.
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8:16 am
coming up "gma's" countdown to thanksgiving brought to you by wall mark. helps you save money so you can live better. welcome back to "good morning america." great crowd outside. inside, we have the answer to a pop quiz. the how much did the james bond "skyfall" take in at the u.s. >> "c." >> "c". >> "b." >> almost $90 million. nicely done, team. thank you for that, by the way. now, we want to get right to those astonishing photos of the dangerously thin matthew mcconaughey.
8:17 am
his stunning weight loss is for a role but some people say he may have taken getting into a character way too far. >> reporter: they're the photos looking frail and ill. matthew mcconaughey looking extremely gaunt. his cheeks sunken in. his clothes barely hanging on to his wire-thin frame. thankfully, mcconaughey isn't sick, he's undergone this radical transformation to play an electrician diagnosed with aids. >> i just can't do it myself. i haven't been this light since i was in the ninth grade. >> reporter: he recently spoke with larry king about losing the weight. >> it takes a while for your body to understand it has to feed off itself and you're not going to give it something else from the outside. >> reporter: the weight loss looking more jarring when you see him in "magic mike." >> i think i see a lot of law breakers out there.
8:18 am
>> reporter: it's a 360-degree turn for a hollywood hunk known for his physique touted by "people" magazine as sexiest man alive. >> losing weight like this in that dramatic fashion, it messes with the way your kidneys and liver process the vitamins and nutrients. it's very dangerous. >> reporter: but mcconaughey isn't the only actor to lose weight for a character. tom hanks lost 50 pounds in the film "castaway." that was the second way after 1993's "philadelphia." and beyonce lost 20 pounds for her leading role in the film "dream girls." >> when you lose that much weight and put in the effort to
8:19 am
do that you're much more likely to get noticed by your peers and that translates easily into awards and that's what actors love. >> and you can see mcconaughey next year. shoppers especially important when they head into the holidays for the temptation to spend more than they can afford. abc's abbie boudreau brings us one woman's story. >> average price i spend on a pair of jeans is usual $150 to $300. and i have at least 100 pairs. >> reporter: tonya is one of the nearly 18 million shopaholics in america. so upset, he drains his parent's savings. handbags and shoes are like designer drugs for a recovering shopping addict sarah downey. was that your rock bottom? >> that was my ultimate high.
8:20 am
at certain locations you will see very affluent women jumping into dumpsters as well. >> it's always like you're getting a high from talking about dumpster diving. >> yeah, i love it. >> reporter: sarah spending thousands of dollars over four years. >> you know, it's not very good, but, you know. >> reporter: sarah's wake-up call was delivered in the tv show "my shopping addiction." >> what do you think the value of all of these purses together is? >> $20,000. >> you're 32, you have no savings, you're broke. and you're like, wow, you know, that hurts. >> how do you really know if you have a problem with shopping? >> it's a problem when you look at three major areas. is it causing financial problems? problem number two, your relationships. number three, time. >> reporter: sarah spent time on personal relationships.
8:21 am
the psychologist had her donate merchandise and keep only what she needs. >> in the last months i've probably only shopped five times. >> you pretty much went cold turkey. >> reporter: now when sarah cruises stores there's no impulse to buy. >> i kind of walk in and it's like i don't have the time anymore. >> reporter: but still temptation. >> these red shoes are pretty awesome. i'd love to have these, but i don't need them. >> standing near these bags do you sort of want to dig in but you're okay? >> no, i stopped at the purses. >> sarah is done with baggage. >> reporter: dumping the emotional baggage may be a struggle as sarah dreams of opening up her own store. >> and "my shopping addiction" airs monday nights on oxygen. amy? you may not recognize the tv star and tony-award winning
8:22 am
actress. in just a moment, she will reveal the body she worked so hard to drop 60 pounds. first, take a look at how she got there. ♪ everybody says that girl looks like me ♪ >> reporter: she defied stereotypes both on and off stage proving that success is not measured by the scales. ♪ >> reporter: marissa jaret winokur won a tony award for her debut in "hairspray" at just 27 years old. since then the broadway sensation has become a hollywood staple. >> you are so busted. >> reporter: known for publicly embracing her curves when she took a turn on "dancing with the stars." but unlike her successors who danced away the pounds, winokur struggled to lose weight. >> i lost nothing. not a pound! >> reporter: with the season of
8:23 am
"dwts" went off the air -- >> losing it on the scale. >> reporter: she got the boot. >> that's the first time anyone said to me you're not good enough. >> reporter: but after battling the scale for years, her doctor's concern about high cholesterol gave her the wake-up call she needed. all right. it's time, marissa jaret winokur, come on out! [ cheers and applause ] >> hello. >> hello. >> thank you. >> so you look amazing. how does it feel to be 60 pounds lighter? >> oh it feels amazing. it feels amazing. i did it for health reasons and that's what really got me started. and i just kept losing weight so it kept working. >> you're inspiring so many people. you did it the old-fashioned way? >> yeah. >> it wasn't an overnight thing? >> no, it wasn't an over night thing. i have no sponsor.
8:24 am
i'm totally doing it myself. i actually counted calories and worked out. 1,200 calories and worked out every day. >> calories. >>, calories out. >> that's the only way. >> you said this is big for your son, essentially? >> i wanted to show my son a healthier mom. wanted to play basketball with my son. i've been teaching him. he'll say he loves broccoli and he loves carrots but he doesn't. he doesn't eat it. i've been teaching him, this is a protein, eat it, proteins make muscles. we've been talking about food more. >> and it's teaching the results with you as well. now, you've had so many fantastic roles over your career, but did this weight loss change the type of roles you'll get going forward? do you have any idea of what this will do to your career? >> i don't. the roles i played other than "hairspray" had nothing to do with my weight. it had to do with my spirit and
8:25 am
who i am. i thought about that. i'm hoping there are more roles open for me. i'm smart enough to know the more roles open for me, i know what i'll be up against. there's definitely more people. >> the thin girl with the great smile. and i want to ask you about "dancing with the stars," because we all remember -- we loved you anyway. everybody does. when you made it to the semifinals. who watched the show, who are you rooting for? >> of course, when you dance with someone. i'm rooting for tony dovolani. i like tony. i've worked with him for so long. i'm like, come on, tony. he took me to the semifinals which was incredible. so i keep want him to get this. i want him to take over the mirror trophy than anyone else. >> what are you doing to maintenance the weight loss? that's the toughest part.
8:26 am
>> here's the biggest thing, preparing my life. i travel to come here. i had my 100 calorie and my popcorn with me. >> you eat popcorn every day, i heard? >> i do eat popcorn every day. i brought hard-boiled eggs on the plane. you got to keep working out. i'm trying to say for mentally, this is a life. >> it's a lifestyle. >> yeah. >> marissa jaret winokur, you look fabulous. >> thank you. >> one of the viewers thought this was junk but it could be worth a lot of money. hd 3
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. picket lines at hostess plants nationwide including one in oakland. thousands of bakery workers on strike three days after the company imposed a contract that would cut wages by 8%. workers in oakland and sacramento are walking off the job. hostess says products are still being made and shipped, for now. >> for the most part, we have light traffic. let's check in with sue. it is light this morning. this is southbound 101 through central san rafael normally jammed this time. southbound 880 at 16th earlier accident cleared. north 101 ramp to west 237 car off connector ramp on the side of the road. accident eastbound 580 at north first in livermore big rig off to the shoulder. >> sunshine out there, how
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back. east bay hills, valleys, hazey, a lot of sunshine still school 30s and 40s we are on our way to a warmer afternoon by two to seven degrees. all of news the -- low to mid 60s, near 70 wednesday [ cheers and applause ]
8:30 am
i think we should start off by thanking sam this mornings. what a gorgeous day. gorgeous. and what an exciting crowd, you guys, hey! everyone out for veterans day today. and robin recovering. >> that's right. and some lucky viewers are about to find out that what they thought was junk is actually worth cold, hard cash. wait until one woman finds out what this ring is valued at. the people behind "hardcore pawn," i want to make sure i say that right. and also, it's payback time. i teamed up with nick jonas and josh, well, josh, he got me back big time. >> we had to make sure it was right. and we were right. we're going to take a glimpse at how i got the revenge with the help of a couple fellows. andre agassi, jim courier. >> if you're going to do it, do it big, i guess.
8:31 am
>> go big. go big and get payback, and we did. you were a great sport. >> thank you. >> mostly. for most of it. by the way, we're counting down to thanksgiving. and who better than to get you ready for your thanksgiving than rachael ray. cider beef and mashed potatoes. just inches away from you and we can't touch it yet. >> almost, almost. >> oh -- it's only the first half today. they do say revenge is a dish best served cold. and better yet, served by servers in madison square garden. you might remember, i got it, it was payback. thanks to help from andre and jim courier, we were able to plot my revenge. i can't say it, you got served. >> hard to turn --
8:32 am
>> how do you come out and do this? >> a few months ago i got punked by lara and pop star nick jonas. >> you just got punked! ♪ >> so i decided it was time for a little payback. coming for you, spencer. ♪ the scene, madison square garden. the bait, lara, a huge tennis fan, things that she's there to interview two tennis legends, andre agassi and jim courier. oh, and to play a friendly mixed doubles match. >> madison square garden, playing andre agassi. a little pressure. i'm not afraid of him. >> reporter: a dream come true. or so she thinks. >> this is a get back moment. don't let me down. >> oh, gosh, all right. >> reporter: what she doesn't know, they're going to melt down. >> andre the good guy?
8:33 am
>> andre is the good guy. >> andre a good shot? >> andre's a good shot. >> about to crank it up big time. >> what was that? >> when you see andre agassi go like this at you, you run! and you won't believe what happens next. [ bleep ] >> you missed that? >> i did. >> yeah, you missed it. >> no! >> what are you doing? >> i don't know. >> do you choke like this on -- >> no, i don't choke on tv. >> except for apparently there. >> we got her good. tomorrow, you can see it, and i think i speak for many when i say, we can't wait. >> you'll see how it all played out. >> i just want to say thankfully we had the bleep button. >> mom, earmuffs, i have to say. hey, let's move on, shall we? >> yes, we shall. >> remember back on "gaa"? we loved these guys. we had a segment called "so not junk." we loved these folks from "hardcore pawn." we're looking for cold, hard
8:34 am
cash hiding in plain sight. we've asked our audience to bring in their junk. we're handing over to ashley broad and les gold. you're here to tell us if there is cash value in what some people think is their junk. >> of course. >> what is the most pawned item in your shop? >> 90% of the loans we take is jewelry, diamonds, gold, watches, anything that's got real value. basically jewelry. >> if people are looking for money -- >> going through jewelry boxes. >> exactly. >> and we might be surprised with some of the things we find that we may think is not. people may think is costume and you say, bring it in, we know better. what's the craziest thing you've seen at the shop? >> the craziest think was an eyeball. >> i'm sorry? >> an eyeball. like in your eye. >> was that a recent -- >> about a year ago. >> was it covered in gold? >> no, they popped out their eye and -- >> oh, my goodness gracious.
8:35 am
you're very brave. you've seen it all. we want to hear what you think of our audience's stuff. come on in here. our first guest is bill white. bill, what did you bring in? >> i brought a pocket watch in. >> ashley, tell us what you think. what's the story behind this watch? >> it was my grandfather's and i know it's old. 1905. >> you weren't using it? >> it doesn't work. >> okay. >> ashley, does it matter it doesn't work? >> yes, this actually does matter. it's a 14-karat repeter watch. it does not work. the reason i know it does not work, i pull this off and i know it doesn't work. a repeater should chime every 15 minutes. pulling the back off, it's 14-karat. by the weight of it, it's worth $4,000. just by the weight of it. if it did work -- this item -- by the weight of it, i can see that.
8:36 am
pulling the back off. there's jewels on it. i can see there's 17 jewels. if it did work, 100% does not work. nothing is working on it, if it did work, these hammers right now, it should work every 15 minutes. it should work like a grandfather clock. >> what would the value be if it did and is it worth it to get it repaired? >> it's from 1905. after i looked it, i did see marking on it. the last time it was repaired was 1948. it's swiss-made. it was done in france. it would be worth between $8,000 and $10,000, if it did work. >> okay. >> it's worth it to get repaired, right? >> if you did get it repaired, it would cost you approximately $1,000 to get it repaired. >> that's great. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> congratulations. that's so not junk. >> you left it for me. >> we have audience members sarah and david. you brought in a ring? >> i did. >> tell us the story behind the ring.
8:37 am
>> it was my grandmother's when i was a little girl, i used to play in her jewelry box and she would take this ring off and let me play with it. once she passed away, it was passed down and my mom gave it to me. >> let me tell you what it is. it's white sapphires on the outside. i don't know what you know about it. these are white sapphires. these crystals on the outside. this is originally a row of diamonds. the yellow stone in the middle is a 3-karat diamond worth $26,000. >> what? oh, my gosh. >> oh, my. >> definitely not costume jewelry. your grandmother trusted you. >> it's spectacular. >> will you keep it, though? >> i don't know that our daughter will play with it anymore. >> i don't think so. >> we want to thank les and ashley from "hardcore pawn" for giving us great information. >> thank you. >> i don't know how you top that, sam.
8:38 am
>> no, i can't. i'm telling you. i couldn't tell. you just don't know for sure until you have somebody who does know take a look at it. by the way, we have another special surprise today. the cat in the hat is here on "gma." it's a little preview. the first ever christmas special. the cat in the hat knows a lot about christmas because the cat in the hat knows a lot about everything, if you follow the adventures. they go on a journey around the world to help a lost reindeer find his way home. hopefully, cat, is it just in time for christmas? you got to watch. you got to watch. cat's not giving anything away. that airs wednesday. november 21st on pbs. the cat in the hat this morning, on our show with thing one and the lovely thing two. thank goodness they're labeled. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to highlight for you.
8:39 am
we'll show you the foggy pictures we were getting from the even seaboard. maryland, we got your foggy pictures. pennsylvania as well. new york, as well. as that fog burns away, it is one of the top five days you'll see in this season. into the northwest comes a brand-new system. we've got cold air in the making, folks. another round of cold air. this is where heavy rain will run along the cold front. it's a strong cold front and when the front goes through and the rain stops, you can expect the temperatures to drop. atlanta at 66. prov >> all that weather was brought to you by royal caribbean cruise line. we are here at the the patch at broadway farms. josh? >> yes, we are.
8:40 am
come here. whoa, whoa, whoa. we're at the patch at broadway farms. coming up, we're cookin'. rachael ray coming.
8:41 am
8:42 am
♪ hey hey well, we are counting down to thanksgiving. and you are here with lara, sam,
8:43 am
george and josh. rachael ray is here. she has a kind of diary called "my year in meals." it details all the mealss rachal makes for her and her husband. >> it's literally all that we've made in our home for more than a year, organized by the month. at the beginning of the month, you get an overview. you can get to any dish there. you see all of our holiday meals, family meals. it's filled with stories about who was over that day. what happened with the weather. on and on. >> that's interesting. >> it's my first co-author book. if you flip it over, it's "my year in cocktails" with my husband john cusmano. >> you get extra content, extra
8:44 am
recipes. you'll have access in all to about 700 recipes with the book and the smart posts that are in it. also, i just want to mention, next week is smell-evision, if you pick up "people" or my magazine this week, you'll be able to scratch and sniff anything we cook next week. >> we're smelling what you're cooking. cider -- >> this is one of my family's favorite recipes. you serve it around the holidays. you don't think of all the days around the holidays. for every six adults, you brown three pounds of chuck with a little bit of flour. >> okay. >> you throw in vegetables, celery, onions. and then roasted garlic. two heads. squish it down in. then your liquid for this are cloudy organic apple cider or
8:45 am
beef stock or beef consumee. you put it in for 2 1/2 to 3 hours. it's a crowd-pleaser. everybody loves it. here's some all done. hi, kids, you're lining up for your plate. this is what it's like after a couple hours in the oven. it literally falls apart. >> josh is already digging in. >> then to serve with it -- do you want to hold on to that. okay. then -- now, we do this every thanksgiving, and it goes with this meal so beautifully. it's mashed potatoes and parsnips. parsnips is like a potato with a little bit of an attitude. you like them? you're eating them. parsnips thrown in -- >> with cheese. >> lots of sharp cheese. >> i want to make sure we get this in.
8:46 am
you were so kind to help man the phones with hurricane sandy. you're donating more than $500,000. >> we gave -- we gave, we were very lucky with our partners at nutrish, the animal foods. we gave 4,000 tons of food to the aspca. and from yum-o, we were able to give $100,000 for food to feed our neighbors. >> it was much needed help. >> i love volunteering. thank you, guys. >> thank you. >> we got the recipes on the website. it's fabulous for thanksgiving weekend to keep everybody fed over the weekend. it's a really great slow-cooker meal. coming up next, our own jake tapper with a story of true military courage for veterans day. >> bye, guys! happy veterans day! ♪
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
and we are back now with our friend and colleague jake tapper whose new book "the out: an untold story of american valor." it happened in at outpost where 53 americans fought off 400 taliban. jake, this is remarkable. the combat outpost is calls outpost keating which
8:50 am
exemplifies everything you're saying in the book. >> he was an incredible man. lieutenant ben keating, the president of university of new hampshire. young republican, wanted to go into service, convinced that some day he would be a senator or president, sending troops into battle. he wanted to serve us well. and he ended up being incredibly disillusioned with the war and ultimately paid the most final and horrible price, not because of the enemy, but because of how dangerous the land was. >> and that's what so much of your story is about. not just about this battle, but also about why the outpost was put in this remote corner of afghanistan in the first place. >> yeah, and it becomes almost like a microcosm of the war in afghanistan too begin with. but it's put at the bottom of three steep mountains, 14 miles from the pakistan border. almost every soldier who ever went there over the course of the 3 1/2 years of the combat outpost's life would come and say what are we doing at the bottom of this fishbowl.
8:51 am
everyone knows basic military strategy, you always want the high ground. but the u.s. put them there and they fought valiantly, and the stories are incredible. >> when you first read about this attack at a signal moment in your life when your son was born? >> jack was born december 2nd, 2009. out of the haze of my wife's recovery room, i saw a report about eight other sons being taken from this planet. eight soldiers killed. and the coverage was, why would anybody put an outpost there? and it became a mystery that i needed to solve, why i was reporting that, why did we put an outpost in this horrible location, it became a story of the incredible heroics of the troop. as and other soldiers started reaching out and said, tell my story as well, tell my friend's story as well. >> that's what makes this special. you brought together your two worlds. you covering this from the white house every day, all the support, you wanted to get a
8:52 am
handle on this human consequence. >> what was incredible. the decisions made by george w. bush, donald rumsfeld, robert gates, president obama, would directly affect them. not just at arm's distance. if those troops did not have the manpower they needed or the helicopters they needed, they would die. >> and these troops are so grateful to you for telling this story. i want to show some video, saturday night in washington. they presented you with the flag that flew over combat outpost keating. >> i had just gotten -- i just finished saying i didn't feel comfortable getting any of the attention for the heroics and major portis came up there, grabbed the microphone, took command and presented me with the flag. i feel like i don't deserve it. it was one of the last flags flying at combat outpost
8:53 am
keating. the fact that they feel i at least listened to them and tell the story. >> and you tell the story so well in this book. congratulations. called "the outpost." you can
8:54 am
8:55 am
tomorrow, josh gets even with lara, but when she punks him -- >> a day of reckoning.
8:56 am
>> do you choke like this? >> no, i don't choke on tv. >> you won't believe what happens next. >> what are you doing? >> on abc's "good morning america"! >> getting punked, part of the fun tomorrow on "gma." >> have a great day, everyone. >> have a great day, everyone! "and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868.
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featured now at sizzler. tri tip sirloin with fried shrimp, malibu chicken, or grilled shrimp. starting at just $9.99. sizzler. good morning i'm kristen sze. 49ers' quarterback smith will
8:59 am
have to undergo tests before the league determines if he can play. smith suffered a concussion in the second quarter of aide yes, sir game. he was pulled from the game when he complained of blurred vision. >> cold this morning but warming up. >> still in 30s and 40s in some areas today low to mid 60s, 50s at the coast tonight 30s and 40s again not as much frost as this morning. temperatures near 70 wednesday and thursday before wet and cooler weather starting friday. south 101 university accident blocking lane two, north 205 at 280 accident cleared. new accident bollinger canyon blocking left lane. >> see you on the announcer: it's "live with kelly d


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